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James M. Connolly
James M. Connolly, Editor in Chief, 7/23/2014   Comment now   1 Comment
It's an issue that pops up on a pretty regular basis here on The Enterprise Cloud Site. IT executives worry about where their service providers store customer data and where the providers' datacenters are located.
James M. Connolly
James M. Connolly, Editor in Chief, 7/15/2014   Comment now   1 Comment
You have, no doubt, noticed that buzzwords pop up in the cloud services business faster than any other sector, save possibly for the mobile apps market.
James M. Connolly
James M. Connolly, Editor in Chief, 7/8/2014   Comment now   2 comments
Many of us tend to think of the public cloud as that frivolous place where consumers hang out and that motley crew of rogue IT practitioners do their thing in the nether regions of the corporate world.
James M. Connolly
James M. Connolly, Editor in Chief, 7/3/2014   Comment now   8 comments
Two great myths are evident in the media today. First, people believe that the bizarre stories of the Kardashians and their lovers somehow represent reality. (Confession, I was stuck in a slow supermarket line today). Second is that restricting data storage to the turf and service providers of one's home nation ensures privacy.
James M. Connolly
James M. Connolly, Editor in Chief, 6/30/2014   Comment now   3 comments
There's the old saying that perception is reality. You know how it goes: Everyone believes a politician is a crook, so even if he isn't a crook, he has to move quickly to clean up his image before the next election. If consumers think a product is overpriced, the company has to do something about pricing.
Jim O'Reilly
Jim O'Reilly, Storage Engineer, 6/27/2014   Comment now   3 comments
The top-of-the-line RAID arrays come with dual-ported drives, dual controllers, redundant power, and dual-pathing. With all of that you would rightly expect that your data will always be available, but from painful experience, I know that's not the case.
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Where Is Your Cloud?
James M. Connolly, Editor in Chief, 7/23/2014
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Vijay Ganti
Vijay Ganti, Head of Product Marketing, Syncplicity, EMC, 6/20/2014   Comment now   5 comments
After World War I, the French decided to defend themselves against any future invasions with magnificently conceived and grandly constructed concrete fortifications called the Maginot Line. The Maginot Line was impervious to most forms of attack, and had state-of-the-art living conditions for garrisoned troops, air conditioning, comfortable eating areas, ...
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