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Bill Kleyman

Stack Wars: CloudStack vs. OpenStack

Bill Kleyman
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Bill Kleyman
Bill Kleyman
7/15/2013 10:34:16 AM
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Re: Why not more Eucalyptus?
@dstrait - Excellent thoughts and examples. I should have just called this the "Cloud Platform Wars!" There are a lot of players entering the cloud model and are trying to provided that one single service to host them all.

In a way, this is a great thing for the end-user. As more competition tries to unify functions of the cloud - we the end-user will see all of the benefits. This means better service control, more resiliency, better management, and of course more interoperability. 

In fact, this is where we are seeing so many partnerships arise. Numerous organizations are funding cloud platform projects and - of course - folks like Amazon want in. I think their partnership with Eucalyptus is a solid move but it certainly does still need more development.

7/12/2013 2:28:03 PM
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Why not more Eucalyptus?
Microsoft definitely sees easy migration between private and public clouds as a saleable feature. I think that Eucalyptus is a good way for Amazon to push into an area where they are weak: on-prem, private clouds.

I recall reading that Amazon and Eucalyptus have some sort of agreement with ech other. I presume this means that Amazon won't make some sort of wholesale change to their environment that would fatally break Eucalyptus.

BUT, I feel like Eucalyptus is not marketted well. Am I not following the proper blogs? 

If they would rebrand Eucalyptus as "AWS On-Prem", "AWS Local" or something, I think that more people would be aware of this solution. Amazon certainly has the money to buy Eucalyptus, if they decided to.

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