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Software-Defined Storage: It's Your Bridge to the Cloud

Cloud storage is a natural first step in moving your information technology infrastructure to the cloud, enabling anytime/anywhere access to enterprise data and applications for employees and business partners. Yet, it also presents an opportunity to recast your storage infrastructure, providing an opportunity to store and manage data regardless of whether storage resources are in the datacenter or with a distant cloud services provider.

This month's radio show on UBM Tech's The Enterprise Cloud Site will provide IT professionals with advice on how to craft, implement, and manage a software-defined storage strategy, and how extending that strategy to the cloud can position their organizations for future growth and success.

Our guest speaker is Bill Kleyman, a TECS blogger and consultant with MTM Technologies. Bill has deep experience in datacenter design and management, as well as advising enterprise organizations on storage and server virtualization and implementation of cloud strategies.

In this radio show you will learn:

  • How the software-defined storage concept has progressed and how it is delivering results to enterprise IT organizations
  • How cloud-based storage plays a key role in a successful software-defined storage strategy
  • Why data storage today extends beyond the walls of the datacenter
  • How cloud-based storage enables corporate and worker flexibility in areas such as business continuity and support for the mobile workforce
  • Where software-defined storage needs to mature, and what to expect in the year ahead

Be sure to register today and add this event to your calendar.

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